The Harmon Brothers
Neal CEO, Jeffrey CMO, Daniel, & Jordan

Neal, Daniel, Jeffrey, and Jordan Harmon are the creators of VidAngel, the 2016 #1 user-rated streaming service. In total, they are the founders of 10 startups (7 successful) and fathers of 18 children (11 successful).

The brothers began their careers while growing up in rural Idaho, where they were so poor that they lived in rural Idaho.

Neal began at age 11 when he purchased a dairy cow with money he earned hoeing beets, which sounds like the beginning of a very sad movie. As founder, he immediately broke child labor laws by hiring himself, then crafted a foolproof business plan whose only flaw was the assumption that his cow would give birth to twins, who would give birth to twins, ad infinitum. Although that forecast was overly bullish (eh?), he did ultimately build his dairy empire to 9 cows, acquiring an insatiable taste for entrepreneurship in the process.

Daniel and Jeffrey began selling potatoes at ages 16 and 11, respectively, eventually expanding their operation when they purchased a 15-passenger Ford Club Wagon for $900 (a lot of money in Idaho). They used the van to smuggle thousands of pounds of fresh Idaho potatoes across the Utah border, where they sold them door-to-door. Was their empire as successful as Walter White’s in Breaking Bad? Not quite, but they didn’t have cancer to motivate them.

Jordan got his start by selling alarm systems door-to-door, becoming the #1 salesman in the nation for his company. We can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

In 2009, Neal and Jeffrey co-founded Orabrush with Dr. Bob Wagstaff. Their online “bad breath” campaign was enormously successful, earning a spot on Google’s “Iconic Ad Moments on YouTube” of the decade. It also created a crippling fear of bad breath among insecure viewers, with long-term adverse psychological consequences.

After Orabrush, the brothers co-founded the filtering company VidAngel and ad agency Harmon Brothers. They launched the two companies simultaneously, hoping that they wouldn’t both fail. You can imagine how dumb they felt when both succeeded. VidAngel has grown rapidly in the 8 months since product launch, becoming cash flow positive within 4 months. Harmon Brothers has created viral online campaigns for Poo~Pourri (37 million views, helping the manufacturer to grow from $7 million to $40 million per year), Squatty Potty (100 million views, helping the manufacturer to grow from $3 million to $30 million per year), and Purple (70 million views).


Core Team
Liz Ellis

Liz makes things happen at VidAngel. She oversees many things: Customer Satisfaction, Inventory Security, New Content Acquisition, Filter Process and Quality, and her personal favorite, Employee Happiness. In her previous work at Orabrush, Liz helped scale operations to 30,000 retail stores and 35 employees. When she joined the VidAngel team, our customer and employee happiness immediately jumped by 200 percent. Coincidence? Nah! Coincidence is just the word people use when they can't see the levers and pulleys behind the magic she creates.

Patrick Reilly
Director of Finance

As the Director of Finance, Patrick oversees the accounting, financial planning & analysis, treasury, and audit functions at Vidangel. Someone has to.

Patrick is a seasoned veteran of tech-startups. Prior to Vidangel, he was the Financial Controller at Wingate Web (acquired by Active Network), the VP of Finance at Allegiance, Inc (now Maritz CX), and the Financial Controller at Moki Mobility, Inc. Patrick has been fundamental in helping create and refine processes in both finance and accounting that allow for quick and reliable data analysis, and decisions based on real, accurate information. He has all the financial savvy of Wall Street, with none of the felonies.

Matt Meese
Spokesman, Marketing

Matt Meese, better known by his alter-ego Scott Sterling, is spokesman for VidAngel and co-creator of internet sensation Studio C. Thanks in large part to Matt’s acting and writing, Studio C has been viewed nearly half a billion times. For context, C-SPAN has been viewed, like, 3 times.

Dave Vance
Director of Marketing

Dave markets for VidAngel, writes sketches for Studio C, and writes ads for Squatty Potty and other companies. To learn more, watch his funny TEDx talk. To learn less, go watch a movie on VidAngel.

Jarom McDonald
Director of Engineering

Jarom is VidAngel’s director of engineering and lead streaming engineer. He left behind the high-risk life of a tenured university professor so he could live with the security, peace-of-mind, and short workdays of entrepreneurship. As director of engineering, he manages the streaming technologies, infrastructure, and playback experience; is a member of the Google Developer Experts ecosystem; and specializes in web app and web media consultation – so good thing he has a PhD in American literature.

In his previous job, he managed 90 people across 9 different academic departments. He currently manages 5 children in 1 family (his own).

Megan Morton
Director of Product

As chief designer, Megan is the reason VidAngel’s design is so beautiful, even if she still hates that it has not reached her vision. She also plays semi-pro football for the Utah Falconz, the #1-ranked women’s football team in the nation. And probably in the world, since other countries think football is that thing you play with your feet.

Stephen Oskoui
Partner at Founders Fund

Mentor at the Startup Factory and owner of Startup Factory campus in Austin, TX. Steve founded Smiley Media and bootstrapped the company to about $40 million in annual revenue without raising a dime.

Derek Anderson
Founder Startup Grind

Startup Grind is 125-city community mentoring entrepreneurs in 60 countries. Contributing author for Techcrunch, & Business Insider.

legal team
David Quinto
General Counsel

Attorney David Quinto, who used to be a lawyer for Disney and Warner Brothers, became official lawyer of VidAngel. As you may recall, those studios and VidAngel are currently in a legal battle, so Quinto's pulling a Kevin Durant and switching teams to the potentially inevitable winners.

David Quinto is a fairly big deal. The Hollywood Reporter named him to their list of Top 100 Power Lawyers. In fact, he was ranked #21 on the alphabetical list!

He spent 27 years as a lawyer for the Oscars, and during that time they never got sued for giving Best Actor to Nicholas Cage, so you know he's good at his job.

Baker Marquart
Litigation Counsel

Ryan Baker and Jaime Marquart, who just won a landmark ruling against Fox and ABC, a division of Disney. They took the cause 'cause they're tired of challenges, and want someone they already know they can beat.

Max Blecher
Antitrust Counsel

Max Blecher, one of the top antitrust attorneys in the country, who has won cases against the NFL, AT&T, and even the Justice Department. So he told the people who enforce the law that they broke the law, and he was right. I fought the law and the law won? If you're Max Blecher, it didn't.

Peter Stris
Supreme Court

Peter Stris, who won 2 Supreme Court cases just in the last year. If they made frequent diner cards for the Supreme Court, Peter would be well on his way to a free meal.

Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank PLC
Regulation A+ Representation

Robert Kaplan, Jr. literally wrote the book on Regulation A+ funding. Kaplan has represented or currently represents 14 of the first companies to ever apply for Regulation A+ funding with the SEC and is the premiere expert on this law. He represents VidAngel for everything regarding Regulation A+. Rob has appeared on radio and television, as well as in print media, offering commentary on the JOBS Act and Regulation A+. He has worked since inception with the congress on Title IV and the SEC on rules for implementation, including testifying before the US Senate's baking committee on Regulation A's impact on the lower middle market and the alternatives industry. If you understood what any of that meant you are more than qualified to invest in VidAngel.

Board of Directors
Neal Harmon
VidAngel's Founder and CEO

Paul Ahlstrom

Paul Ahlstrom, Managing Director and co-founder of Alta Ventures Mexico a venture capital fund focused in Mexico. In 2000, Mr. Ahlstrom co-founded vSpring Capital, Utah's leading venture capital fund. In 2007, Mr. Ahlstrom co-founded Alta Growth Capital, based in Mexico City and Kickstart Seed Fund based in Salt Lake City.

Over his career, Mr. Ahlstrom has directly participated in more than 90 venture capital investments and represented vSpring Capital on the boards of Mr. Ahlstrom has also served on the boards of many successful venture back startups including Rhomobile, Public Engines, Aeroprise, 7degrees, The American Academy and FamilyLink.

Mr. Ahlstrom is a Founding Member of the BYU Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology and currently serves on the executive committee and board for the University of Utah’s Technology Commercialization Office, which is ranked number one in university generated spinouts in the United States.

Dalton Wright

Dalton initially gained a passion and ability for seed investing as Kickstart’s first associate in 2008. During that time he helped establish Kickstart's investment process and reputation for outstanding due diligence while supporting several of its initial investments. Dalton has since returned as a partner in the fund.

From 2009 to 2012, Dalton pursued an entrepreneurial opportunity in Latin America and joined two partners to raise $70M for Mexico's first early-stage venture fund, Alta Ventures Mexico. After closing, he guided the launch of the fund's seed investment practice.

After helping launch Alta Ventures, Dalton chose to pursue a long-held goal of attaining a world-class graduate degree. He enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania where he pursued a Masters of Business Administration from the Wharton School and a Masters of International Studies (Latin America and Spanish focus) from the Lauder Institute. While there he spent his summer supporting a team of researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and helped raise $7M to build a clinical data research network that is now under construction. His previous education includes a B.A. in Finance, summa cum laude, from the University of Utah.