our mission
vidangel's mission is to ensure families everywhere have the option to filter content as they wish.
5 out of 5 stars
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$1 million in cash sales
in the month of june alone

Yes, you read that right. VidAngel is bringing in over $1 million in cash sales per month! Note however, VidAngel can’t count sales as revenue until the sell back price is determined.

Over 2,500 Titles
including the top 100 on IMDb

VidAngel’s library is robust and always growing. We are quickly adding the best movies of all time to our library.

144,700 New Active
Customers in 2016

Only customers who bought more than one movie in a given quarter are counted.

devices available
4.8 stars out of 5
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Market Size
56 million households
"probably" or "definitely will" use vidangel

VidAngel and the National Research Group (NRG) conducted a study that the Washington Examiner called "groundbreaking." The findings: 56 million American households will be likely customers of VidAngel filtering once they learn about it.

NRG is the same research firm that the major studios use to do much of their entertainment research.

NRG split the country into three different audiences that show varying levels of interest in VidAngel's filtering program:

Group 1
values audience
51.9 million american households

This is VidAngel's love group. 7 in 10 values audience customers would definitely or probably use VidAngel.

Group 2
somewhat religious audience
37.85 million american households

Nearly half (44%) of this audience would definitely or probably use VidAngel.

Group 3
not/very religious audience
50.47 million american households

Only 20% of this audience would definitely or probably use VidAngel.

total Audience:
56.3 million
American Households


VidAngel's string of successful commercials have contributed to millions of collective views across popular social channels.


I'm very excited to learn that an average joe like me may have an opportunity to invest... (I had previously written in asking if you guys ever planned on going public—I had no clue that there were new SEC rules that would allow the average person to invest before a company goes public). I think this offering to your loyal customers is brilliant.
- Tom
SEC Offering Circular

In the News
I believe that what you are doing in Vidangel is just the beginning of a shift on awareness for positive values in entertainment.
- Josiah
The Harmon Brothers
Neal CEO, Jeffrey CMO, Daniel, & Jordan

Neal, Daniel, Jeffrey, and Jordan Harmon are the creators of VidAngel, the 2016 #1 BestCompany.com user-rated streaming service. In total, they are the founders of 10 startups (7 successful) and fathers of 18 children (11 successful).

The brothers began their careers while growing up in rural Idaho, where they were so poor that they lived in rural Idaho.

Neal began at age 11 when he purchased a dairy cow with money he earned hoeing beets, which sounds like the beginning of a very sad movie. As founder, he immediately broke child labor laws by hiring himself, then crafted a foolproof business plan whose only flaw was the assumption that his cow would give birth to twins, who would give birth to twins, ad infinitum. Although that forecast was overly bullish (eh?), he did ultimately build his dairy empire to 9 cows, acquiring an insatiable taste for entrepreneurship in the process.

Daniel and Jeffrey began selling potatoes at ages 16 and 11, respectively, eventually expanding their operation when they purchased a 15-passenger Ford Club Wagon for $900 (a lot of money in Idaho). They used the van to smuggle thousands of pounds of fresh Idaho potatoes across the Utah border, where they sold them door-to-door. Was their empire as successful as Walter White’s in Breaking Bad? Not quite, but they didn’t have cancer to motivate them.

Jordan got his start by selling alarm systems door-to-door, becoming the #1 salesman in the nation for his company. We can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

In 2009, Neal and Jeffrey co-founded Orabrush with Dr. Bob Wagstaff. Their online “bad breath” campaign was enormously successful, earning a spot on Google’s “Iconic Ad Moments on YouTube” of the decade. It also created a crippling fear of bad breath among insecure viewers, with long-term adverse psychological consequences.

After Orabrush, the brothers co-founded the filtering company VidAngel and ad agency Harmon Brothers. They launched the two companies simultaneously, hoping that they wouldn’t both fail. You can imagine how dumb they felt when both succeeded. VidAngel has grown rapidly in the 8 months since product launch, becoming cash flow positive within 4 months. Harmon Brothers has created viral online campaigns for Poo~Pourri (37 million views, helping the manufacturer to grow from $7 million to $40 million per year), Squatty Potty (100 million views, helping the manufacturer to grow from $3 million to $30 million per year), and Purple (70 million views).


legal team
David Quinto
General Counsel

Attorney David Quinto, who used to be a lawyer for Disney and Warner Bros., became official lawyer of VidAngel. As you may recall, those studios and VidAngel are currently in a legal battle, so Quinto's pulling a Kevin Durant and switching teams to the potentially inevitable winners.

David Quinto is a fairly big deal. The Hollywood Reporter named him to their list of Top 100 Power Lawyers. In fact, he was ranked #21 on the alphabetical list!

He spent 27 years as a lawyer for the Oscars, and during that time they never got sued for giving Best Actor to Nicholas Cage, so you know he's good at his job.

Baker Marquart
Litigation Counsel

Ryan Baker and Jaime Marquart, who just won a landmark ruling against Fox and ABC, a division of Disney. They took the cause 'cause they're tired of challenges, and want someone they already know they can beat.

Max Blecher
Antitrust Counsel

Max Blecher, one of the top antitrust attorneys in the country, who has won cases against the NFL, AT&T, and even the Justice Department. So he told the people who enforce the law that they broke the law, and he was right. I fought the law and the law won? If you're Max Blecher, it didn't.

Peter Stris
Supreme Court

Peter Stris, who won 2 Supreme Court cases just in the last year. If they made frequent diner cards for the Supreme Court, Peter would be well on his way to a free meal.

Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank PLC
Regulation A+ Representation

Robert Kaplan, Jr. literally wrote the book on Regulation A+ funding. Kaplan has represented or currently represents 14 of the first companies to ever apply for Regulation A+ funding with the SEC and is the premiere expert on this law. He represents VidAngel for everything regarding Regulation A+. Rob has appeared on radio and television, as well as in print media, offering commentary on the JOBS Act and Regulation A+. He has worked since inception with the Congress on Title IV and the SEC on rules for implementation, including testifying before the US Senate's Banking committee on Regulation A's impact on the lower middle market and the alternatives industry. If you understood what any of that meant you are more than qualified to invest in VidAngel.

Legal Battle Timeline

Disney files a complaint against vidangel
read their complaint
VidAngel responds, Countersuing for antitrust
view documents
  • August 1
    Famed Hollywood attorney David Quinto joins VidAngel as General Counsel, making “one of the more surprising moves in Hollywood history” according to the Hollywood Reporter.
  • August 19
    Max Blecher, one of the top antitrust attorneys in the country, joins the antitrust fight for VidAngel.
Disney files for Preliminary Injunction
read their complaint
  • September 7
    Peter Stris, who won 2 Supreme Court cases just in the last year, joins the legal team to prepare VidAngel to take the legal battle to the Supreme Court.
VidAngel’s CEO, COO, and General Counsel file declarations
view documents

VidAngel’s CEO, COO, and General Counsel file declarations with the court showing how Disney is violating antitrust laws by illegally suppressing filtering. They also note that over 28,000 VidAngel customers have donated to the VidAngel legal defense.

VidAngel files legal defense brief against Preliminary Injunction
view documents

Over 8,000 statements are provided by VidAngel customers explaining to the Judge their need for VidAngel and that without VidAngel, the studios would never allow filtering.

National coalition forms around VidAngel to save filtering and submits declarations supporting VidAngel:

  • September 16
    Max Blecher, legendary antitrust lawyer, amends VidAngel’s antitrust countersuit: View Amendments
Disney Replies In Support Of Preliminary Injunction
View Documents
(Exhibits & Attachments)
Disney Files Motion to Dismiss Antitrust Allegations
View Documents
(Exhibits & Attachments)
VidAngel Submits Evidentiary Objections to Disney’s Reply
View Documents
  • VidAngel CEO, Neal Harmon Files Supplemental Declaration. View Documents
  • Former CEO of ClearPlay, Bill Aho, Files Supplemental Declaration in Support of VidAngel. View Documents

The court will hear argument on the preliminary injunction request on November 14.

VidAngel will file its reply brief supporting its antitrust counterclaim in November.

The court will hear argument on the antitrust counterclaim on December 19.

Win or lose, the case will likely be appealed to higher courts.

I am so enthralled with your service, I am convinced you are the next big thing and will surpass Redbox and even Netflix, eventually. I was wondering if there is any way I can invest in your company, (ie. Stocks, etc) so I can be a part of it when you explode into a big and successful company.
- Jonathan
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invest more than once?

You may invest as many times as you would like until you reach any of the following limits: 10% of your income, the $25,000 limit, or we reach the cap on the amount of investments we can accept.

Can I invest more than $25,000?

Many institutional investors have asked to invest in VidAngel. Some of these investors could fill the entire investment on their own. To provide as many customers as possible the opportunity to invest, we limited the number of shares that any single investor could purchase.

Can I use a credit card to invest?

We currently accept all major credit cards for investments up to $5,000. Due to the high fees associated with credit card transactions, we require ACH or Wire Transfers for purchases over $5,000.